Your fertility and gyn provider.

Justworks has partnered with Kindbody to provide fertility, gynecology, and wellness services at an improved cost as your fertility benefit. Use the code given to you by Justworks to activate your free Kindbody membership.

What does your Kindbody Membership include?

Kindbody provides full-service fertility care, gynecology, mental health, and nutrition coaching. Because isn’t it time all your women’s health providers worked together?

Discounts on fertility services.
Access to GYN services.
Same-day visits for urgent-care.
Seamless on-site lab testing.
A consolidated women’s health record.
On-demand chat with your care team.
Discounted coachingservices up to 10% off.
Discounted supplements & retail.
Access to members-only events.

What is your benefit and how do you apply it?

You are entitled to 10% off all Kindbody retail rates with a complimentary Kindbody membership. To take advantage, use the code given to you by Justworks to sign up for your membership at no cost. You can book all of your fertility, gynecology, and coaching appointments from there.