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Kindbody is Walmart’s Center of Excellence for Fertility and Family-Building across all of the United States.  

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Walmart's Fertility Center of Excellence

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  • A Walmart-sponsored family building benefit 
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  • Fertility treatments (IUI & IVF), egg freezing, specialized LGBTQ+ services, fertility consultations and education, adoption, doula services, and more!

  • In-person, virtual, and at-home services

  • An inclusive team, dedicated to serving everyone

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  • Consultations to learn about your fertility and family-building options (even if you aren't ready to start)  

Tyler & Chelsea's IVF Story

Alice's Egg Freezing Story

Kindbody clinics are intentionally built as an oasis of hope for our patients, with a commitment to precision in our state-of-the art IVF labs. Kindbody's foundation built on clinical excellence and innovation.

Don’t live near a Kindbody Clinic? Not a problem! The Kindbody team will coordinate your visits and workup with you. Walmart's travel benefit will cover all travel expenses for your fertility treatment for benefit eligible members that live over 100 miles from a Kindbody clinic. 

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Kindbody Detroit, has been nothing short of amazing. The staff has been so supportive and caring through the whole process. I’m so thankful that Kindbody has been a huge part of our journey, and that I had the best care team in the world.

Heather & Mark
Walmart Benefit Kindbody Patients

Without our benefit we would never have been able to pursue IVF. When looking into Kindbody, we loved everything it represented. Inclusivity, kindness, and a nurturing environment that made us feel so good!

Walmart Associate in Kansas City, MO

Katie and I are now on our second Kindbody pregnancy. This time I will be carrying her embryo with the same donor. We couldn’t be more excited to grow our family and are so grateful to our second family at Kindbody.”

Walmart Brand Director in New York, NY

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When Walmart announced their affiliation with Kindbody we were thrilled and got on board immediately. They have been very compassionate and accommodating to us.”

Walmart Truck Driver in Stroudsburg, PA

Kindbody’s Dr. Fahimeh Sasan with Walmart Store Lead Tyler (Summershade, KY) and his wife Chelsea

Real Stories from Walmart Associates

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When prompted for an access code, enter KINDWMT

"The Kindbody team gave me so much hope and confidence.” 
– Ashley (Walmart Pharmacy Technician in Polo, MO) 

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In this virtual session you'll learn everything you need to know about this incredible benefit, including: fertility testing and treatments, IUI, IVF, egg freezing, male fertility, LGBTQ+ family-building, and more. Plus, we'll talk about adoption and surrogacy.


Fertility & Family-Building Benefit Overview

Friday November 17, 2023
7-8 pm CST 

Saturday November 18, 2023
12-1pm CST 

(Three options to join virtually) 

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Benefit Overview Video

In this virtual session you'll learn everything you need to know about this incredible benefit, including: fertility testing and treatments, IUI, IVF, egg freezing, male fertility, LGBTQ+ family-building, and more. Plus, we'll talk about adoption and surrogacy.

This webinar is designed to help you understand your options — whether you’re looking to grow your family today or preserve your fertility for the future.

Watch Now: An Informational Session About Walmart's 
Center of Excellence for Fertility & Family-Building

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Puerto Rico

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Introducing the First Walmart Kindbaby

Tyler (Walmart Store Lead in Summer Shade, KY) and his wife Chelsea welcomed the first Walmart Kindbaby in October '23. We're excited to share that there are 50+ Walmart Kindbabies on the way!

Walmart Kindbabies born to date



Walmart Kindbabies on the way!

As of 3/14/24 

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There is an amazing team of people in Rogers. They are like family...they are worried about us as much as we are. We are pregnant after our first round of IVF.

Ashley & John
Walmart Benefit Kindbody Patients

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