Sara Krish

Life CoachingVirtual Coaching

Sara built a strong understanding of human behavior and methods for healing in her college years completing both her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the field of psychology. For years following she put her knowledge and passion to work as a life coach supporting her clients in goal achievement, periods of transition, leadership development, and the overall creation of a life well loved. 

It wasn’t until Sara found herself navigating her own deep pain inside cancer at the age of 30 that she began wanting more understanding of the metaphysical realm, her relationship to and understanding of Source, alternative healing modalities, and energetic tools. 

This new exploration fueled Sara’s fire and launched her onto a committed path of awakening the limitless spiritual being within and fine tuning her clairvoyant gifts. 

Sara now uses a blend of psychology and spirituality to heal the mind and emotional body of her clients helping them rise into higher states of consciousness where peace and joy are abundant. Sara considers this existence of deep connection to Self to be the power behind manifestation and a life designed in love.