Martine Jones

Counseling & Support Virtual Coaching

I am a clinical psychologist who loves to work with women in all stages of life, especially those who have struggled with reproductive challenges and infertility and those who are pregnant or postpartum after infertility struggles. I have professional training in maternal mental health and infertility and personal experience with the incredibly complicated and emotional world of assisted reproduction. I believe that you have the wisdom and clarity to make the best decisions in your life, and my role is to help you learn to listen to your mind and body to get in touch with what that is. I practice a combined approach that includes CBT therapy, EMDR, and mindfulness-based therapy techniques. I often find that women need help giving themselves permission to rest, receive, and recover and I aim to be a voice to encourage that. I would love to support you wherever you are in this process. LGBTQ and BIPOC affirming.