Jennifer Noonan

Counseling and Support, Psychological Consultation, and Psychological Evaluation (CO, MT)

Jennifer Noonan is a licensed Professional Counselor, specializing in reproductive mental wellness in Colorado and Montana. Jennifer is holistically minded, and believes in the foundations for wellness – sleep, nutrition, exercise, and hobbies (self-care). She utilizes Cognitive Behavior Therapy (cognitive restructuring), as well as Mind Body Stress Reduction techniques and coping skills for managing this often anxiety provoking time. 

Jennifer has a wealth of personal and professional experience in the journey of family building. She is a member of the Mental Health Professional Group (MHPG) of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) where she has volunteered for numerous committees. Jennifer also worked at a world-renowned fertility center for many years where she completed consultations with recipients utilizing donor sperm, donor egg, a combo of the two, and donor embryo, as well as intended parents utilizing gestational carriers. She also evaluates many egg donors and gestational carriers. During third-party consultations, Jennifer walks you through the process of utilizing donor gametes or a GC, and provides you with the most recent knowledge and resources in the field.