Dr. Sasha Hakman

Reproductive EndocrinologistDetroit, Michigan

Sasha Hakman, MD, MS, is a skilled reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist focusing on all areas of reproductive health. She has a particular interest and expertise in the areas of PCOS as well as lifestyle factors and fertility. Dr. Hakman completed her REI fellowship at Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University in Augusta, GA. There, she led and contributed to several studies and publications on topics related to genetics and fertility, access to care, and hormonal imbalances and their impact on female fertility. Prior to that, she completed her residency at Providence Hospital/ Michigan State University and earned her Doctor of Medicine and a Master of Science degree from Saba University School of Medicine, Saba, Netherland Antilles. As a woman living with PCOS, she is passionate about research and education to better understand this common condition.