Amy Jackson

Counseling & Support

I help people who dream about being that perfect mom while seeming to juggle it all on social media but in reality, you know you feel suffocated by mom guilt. I can teach you ways to ignore that inner critic so you can be gracious with yourself when you mess up.

I know from my own journey that being a mom can be completely overwhelming and you may feel like you are losing your identity. I’d love to help you through this time so that you can boost your confidence in your parenting skills and create memories that make you feel like you can handle life’s unexpected moments.

Motherhood doesn’t have to suck. I am honored to work with my clients to celebrate their wins, accept life’s difficulties, embrace our imperfections, and create a better community for the people in our lives.

I believe that moms who trust their own strength will change the world. If your inner critic is constantly telling you that you are a bad mom and you want to feel like yourself again, then please contact me.