Clinic: New York
Kindbody Doctor: Dr. Aimee Seungdamrong
Treatments:  Egg Freezing

By Stephanie

Life’s Predictable Path

I always thought I had my life mapped out: college, career, marriage, and then kids. It was a timeline I firmly believed in, a journey I had envisioned for myself. For a while, everything seemed perfectly on track. However, a breakup changed my perspective, urging me to reassess my priorities. It dawned on me that the prospect of motherhood, or at least the choice of it, was something I wanted to proactively safeguard.

Leveraging Employer Benefits with Kindbody

The decision to freeze my eggs became significantly easier given that I was employed with Kindbody. Not only did I benefit from my employer-provided coverage, but I was also surrounded by a supportive clinical environment. The team at Kindbody was phenomenal. Truly, I had every reason to move forward with confidence. For me, it was an obvious choice. If you’re fortunate enough to have an egg freezing benefit from your employer and you harbor a desire, even a potential one, to be a mother someday, I’d say the decision should be a no-brainer.

My employer offering this benefit was the game-changer. Without the benefit, none of this would have been possible. I am proof that when employers offer egg freezing benefits, they’re not just providing a perk; they’re offering the power to transform lives. This support doesn’t just impact employees; it empowers them to redefine their futures, making dreams a reality.

Navigating the Egg Freezing Process

For some, the process is a breeze, while others find it more challenging. It involves hormonal injections, multiple medical appointments, and navigating the emotional maze that emerges when reevaluating life decisions. However, throughout my journey, I consistently felt empowered. Freezing my eggs wasn’t about conceding to the whims of love or the inevitability of motherhood; it was about gifting myself choices, allowing myself time, and preserving the freedom to decide my own future.

A Choice of Empowerment

Choosing to freeze my eggs wasn’t merely a medical choice; it was a resounding affirmation of my autonomy and a pledge to the limitless potential of my future. It’s a decision that echoes with empowerment every day, and I fervently urge others to seize this life-affirming opportunity.

My Advice to other women who are interested in protecting motherhood? Don’t settle for the status quo. Your voice has the power to make a difference. Ask about your coverage and then advocate for egg freezing. Kindbody has a simply guide you can follow to make the ask easy. And when you do ask, remember that you are not just advocating for yourself; you’re paving the way for a workplace where women’s aspirations are truly valued and supported.

My hope is that every woman who shares the desire for motherhood takes proactive steps to earn coverage through their employer, recognizing that they have the power to effect change.

Ready to take the first step towards securing your future and advocating for egg freezing benefits at your workplace?

Discover our comprehensive guide: ‘How to Ask for Egg Freezing Benefits at Work: A Step-by-Step Guide.’ Start your journey to empowerment today!

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