Clinic: New York
Doctor: Nicole Browne
Conditions: Male Factor Infertility, Endometriosis
Treatments:  Embryo Preimplantation Genetic Testing, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Introduction: A New Beginning at Kindbody

Our journey to parenthood wasn’t straightforward. After a disheartening experience with a local fertility clinic, my husband Michael and I made the decision to transfer our care to Kindbody. The journey from Pennsylvania to New York signified a new chapter in our quest to start a family.

Understanding the Challenge: Male Factor Infertility

We were dealing with male factor infertility, a challenge that initially seemed daunting. Our first interaction with Kindbody’s doctors was a game-changer. It instilled in us a strong sense of confidence. “We knew immediately that Kindbody was going to be the right choice for us, and we were right!” I remember thinking.

The Right Choice: First Impressions and Decisions

Our first impressions of Kindbody solidified our decision. There was a feeling of being understood and genuinely cared for, a stark contrast to our previous experiences. The level of empathy and professionalism we encountered was unlike anything we’d seen before.

A Supportive Journey: Overcoming Distance and Difficulties

The physical distance we traveled for our treatments – from PA to NY and NJ – was considerable, but the support we received made it manageable. “It was a long road with lots of back and forth, but Dr. Browne and the entire team kept encouraging and rooting for us,” I recall.

Transforming a Negative Experience: The First Egg Retrieval with Kindbody

My first egg retrieval experience was far from pleasant. Sharing this with Kindbody’s team made a difference. They tailored their approach to ensure my comfort, leading to a much more positive experience.

Resilience Through Loss: Coping with an Ectopic Pregnancy

Our first transfer, unfortunately, ended in an ectopic pregnancy. It was a devastating blow. But we weren’t alone. The Kindbody team stood by us, offering comfort and support during this challenging time.

Dedication to Success: Dr. Browne’s Thorough Approach

Dr. Browne’s thoroughness before proceeding with another transfer was remarkable. “She wouldn’t just go right into another transfer without doing a bunch of tests first,” I appreciated. Her dedication to uncovering the root cause of our ectopic pregnancy was instrumental.

Overcoming Endometriosis: A Path to Successful Transfer

A minor case of endometriosis was discovered and treated. We weren’t certain if it was the cause of our struggles, but addressing it led to a successful second transfer. The relief and joy we felt were indescribable.

Nicole’s Advice for Fellow Fertility Journeyers

Be patient, ask questions, do research, breathe, most importantly lean into each other or who ever your support person is. You are not alone. This process is hard and exhausting, but you will soon realize how strong you are. It makes having a family that much more special.

Closing Thoughts: Gratitude and Hope

Reflecting on our journey, our hearts are full of gratitude. The road was tough, but the care and expertise at Kindbody not only helped us overcome our challenges but also filled us with hope. Our successful journey is a testament to their dedication and compassion.

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