Vios Opens IVF Lab in Chicago

Vios Fertility Institute Chicago IVF Lab Opens in West Loop
State-of-the-Art IVF Laboratory Enhances Patient Experience and Scientific Outcomes

CHICAGO, IL. (April 26, 2017) – Individuals and couples wishing to experience the joy of parenthood but facing the heartbreak of infertility often require in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments to make their dreams come true. With Vios Fertility Institute’s own IVF lab at 333 S. Desplaines in Chicago, local patients as well as national and international patients, have direct access to world-class IVF embryology services that give them the best chance of conceiving.
Already renowned in Chicagoland for its IVF, intrauterine insemination and other cutting-edge fertility treatments, Vios expanded to offer patient consultations, perform exams and deliver IVF procedures in one convenient location for parents-to-be. The new Vios lab is located in the former University of Chicago IVF lab, and has been enhanced to utilize the finest IVF equipment available today. This also allows Vios to better meet the diverse needs of its patients in a warm, welcoming environment.
Under the direction of Vios Laboratory Director, Dr. Shawn Zimmerman, PhD. along with Dr. Abeer Salhia, PhD. the existing space has been updated with the latest IVF technology that continues to revolutionize the treatment of reproductive health issues. Vios’s board certified/board eligible Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility specialists perform all types of IVF procedures, from egg retrieval and insemination to embryo transfer and vitrification, on-site. Furthermore, the Vios Center for Egg Health Excellence which provides fertility preservation options of egg and embryo vitrification will also utilize this incredible scientific space.  The best methodology developed in the world is implemented to vitrify (fast freeze) eggs and embryos providing the most positive outcome possible.
“At Vios, our core values are to enhance the patient-centered experience and provide best-in-class treatment,” said Angeline N. Beltsos, M.D., CEO and Medical Director of Vios Fertility Institute Chicago. “Opening this established lab accomplishes both of these pillars and will help strengthen outcomes with increased pregnancy rates for those looking to grow their families.”
The Vios Fertility Institute IVF lab is conveniently located in the South Loop of Chicago at 333 S. Desplaines. To schedule at consultation, contact Vios at 773.435.9036 or visit for more information.
About Vios Fertility Institute: Established in 2015, Vios Fertility Institute has offices in Chicago, IL, Glenview, IL. and St. Louis, MO. The staff at Vios is dedicated to helping each patient, couple and family with all of their reproductive health needs by focusing on the patient from day one and developing a personalized plan best suited for the emotional, physical and financial needs of each individual. For more information, please visit