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Our next mobile fertility event is Thursday, May 23rd in Flatiron (24th St and Broadway), where we'll be doing free fertility hormone tests on a first come first serve basis. Come by any time between 9 am and 5 pm!

What is The Mobile Fertility Clinic?

At Kindbody, we want to increase access to modernized fertility care. So we created The Mobile Fertility Clinic, a fully functioning fertility clinic where you can explore your fertility options and learn more about your fertility health. Because when you know more about your health, you have more power over your future.

Here's Where You Can Get a Complimentary Fertility Hormone Test

Greenwich Village - April 30th

Mobile Fertility Clinic

Flatiron - May 23rd

Mobile Fertility Clinic

Can't Make Either Event?

Not to worry, you can still book a fertility assessment at our clinic at 693 Fifth Avenue.


The fertility hormone test is a routine blood draw that allows us to test for the Anti-Mullerian Hormone which is step 1 toward fully assessing your fertility.

Step 1

Book Your Appointment

Once you're booked, check your email to confirm our exact coordinates. Walk-ins are welcome, too.

Step 2

Get Your Treatment

Check-in, meet with your fertility specialist or phlebotomist for your fertility appointment*

*If you're coming in for an AMH test, you can expect a routine blood draw as this is how we test for your AMH levels. If you're coming in for a fertility assessment, you can expect a consultation, trans-vaginal ultrasound, and a blood draw.

Step 3

Get Ready To Be Informed

Embrace your newly informed self — you can expect a full breakdown of your results within 7-10 days.

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