Our Well-Woman Membership is here.

Ready to take control of your health and wellness beyond fertility? Our Well-Woman Membership is way for you to access our full suite of women’s health and wellness services. All for $120 a year.

Beyond fertility: our Well-Woman Membership treats the whole woman.

You may know us as fertility specialists, but our team also includes OB/GYNs, mental health counselors, and nutrition coaches (with more coming soon!). Because isn’t it time all your women’s health providers worked together?

Access to GYN services.
Same-day visits for urgent-care.
Seamless on-site lab testing.
A consolidated women’s health record.
On-demand chat with your care team.
Discounted wellnessservices up to 20% off.
Discounted supplements & retail.
Access to members-only events.

Cycle with us, and membership is included.

If you complete a fertility treatment at Kindbody, good news: you’ll get a complimentary 1-year Kindbody membership and can take full advantage of all of our services in the same space and with the same team you already know.

Already cycled? You membership has been applied to your account. Head to your patient portal to book services today.