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Pay It Forward By Donating

Have remaining embryos?
Consider donating to a deserving family through KindEOS.



Parents via IVF who find that they have remaining high quality embryos have three long-term solution options: they may donate their embryos to hopeful parents through a program which oversees medical, technical as well as legal considerations, they may donate the embryos to science, or they may discard the embryos. 

Continued preservation is an option and is recommended for as long as you may be uncertain about the goal of your family-building plans. KindEOS does recommend beginning to consider your options within the first year of having completed your family. 

Yes. Our Kindbody embryo program is based around a mutual selection of both the donating and procuring families.

Embryos that are donated to science do not become babies or children. The embryos are destroyed in the process of the research but the knowledge gained by the donation may help support advancements in fertility or wider healthcare.

There are more than 620,000 cryopreserved embryos in the US, most of them waiting to be used to build a family. An estimated 1 out of every 10 will be made available to other hopeful parents through donation.

Success rates, to a great extent, depend on the quality of the embryos at the time that they were frozen, the age of the woman who provided the eggs, and the medical preparation of the recipient.