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how to create a fertility and family-building benefit your employees will love

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why fertility benefits matter





of employees would switch jobs to gain fertility benefits

of LGBTQ+ people plan to start or grow their families

of employees at companies with covered IVF are more likely to stay longer

of women now have a child over age 35 compared to 8% a decade ago





what make us unique

provider of care & network

transparent & affordable pricing

technology & innovation


Virtual care

  • Initial consult
  • 24/7 cloud clinicians
  • Holistic care & wellbeing

In-person care

  • Clinic
  • Mobile clinic
  • Fertility hormone tests for women and men
  • Pregnancy, ovulation, and sperm tests 
  • Vitamins and supplements

At-home care

Taryn Branca

client testimonials

It is essential to prioritize building programs and benefits that do more than just “check the box”. We chose a partner that is intentional, proactive, and representative of our employee base.

The diversity of the providers is very, very important to us. You can walk into a Kindbody clinic and see someone that looks like me or my friends and colleagues.

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meet kindbody

Fertility & Family-Building for All

Our Employee Benefit Solution

Fertility, gynecology, and wellness services in modern, tech-enabled clinics. Best-in-class care, accessible pricing, and a seamless patient experience.

With signature Kindbody clinics and access to care across the globe, we are the providers, the technology, and the benefit solution.

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 we are the benefit of choice



we are the provider of care

patient experience

only a physician can impact




virtual first but not virtual only

Kindbody providers & fertility experts

Chief Revenue Officer

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How fertility benefits lead to cost savings and healthier employees
How to create a program that meets the needs of your team
Building a compelling benefit within your budget
What considerations to take into account to meet organizational goals

our presenters

Taryn is a healthcare industry expert with over 15 years of experience, including her time at trusted partners such as Mercer and Castlight, where she worked with Fortune 500 companies to small businesses to design benefit plans and solutions to meet their population's unique needs. Using her extensive experience in building health and wellbeing strategies paired with in-depth point solution knowledge and new to market technology, Taryn continues to partner with leading organizations to drive value in their benefit plan designs.

Drew Varano is an actuary with an extensive background in employee benefits and healthcare finance. Most recently, Drew worked at Mercer Health & Benefits in San Francisco as a senior consultant to large employers and led Mercer's West Market actuarial team. Drew also worked at Collective Health, where he led the Analytics team and supported Business Development for the growing startup. In recent years, Drew has increasingly focused on fertility benefits and bringing financial rigor to evaluating family-building solutions.

VP, Analytics & Lead Actuary

Drew Varano