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Egg freezing cycles are just 5k through the end of the year, including 1 year of storage. To secure the price, you'll just need to put down a 10% deposit. If you're not ready to book, you can start with a fertility assessment - we'll figure the rest out together.

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Fertility Assessment: $200

This is a way to get more informed about your fertility. If you choose to move forward with an egg freezing, the cost will be credited to your cycle.

The assessment includes an ultrasound of your ovaries, a blood test for fertility-related hormones, and a medical history review.

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Egg Freezing Cycle: 5k Through End of Year

Egg freezing prices include the full fertility assessment, ovarian stimulation monitoring, egg retrieval procedure, and one year of storage. We also offer the ability to pay via a payment pan of $200 a month.

The price of the cycle will increase to $6200 in January 2019.

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